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About Us

When Danielle Mahon relocated from New Jersey to Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2003, she quickly found a home on Topsail Island for quick beach getaways. Eventually, it would become her permanent residence and put into motion a plan that was long in the making.

Danielle first learned about the art of small business ownership from her father, and always knew that she wanted to follow in his footsteps with a business to call her own. Her many years of cooking with friends and family, as well as a career in sales and account development, paid off when she was able to open Topsail Steamer, a fresh seafood hotspot located in Surf City. She’d toyed with the idea of bringing her love of coastal cuisine to the professional forefront, and when her plans to move aligned with her desire to start her own business, Danielle simply couldn’t resist bringing her plans to fruition. With the support of her family and the rest of the “steam team,” Topsail Steamer has become an authority on steamed seafood and more in the area and Danielle has been able to spread her love of cooking and community.

Whether you’re looking for local catches or other tantalizing offerings, call in or order online if you can’t stop by beforehand and Topsail Steamer will prepare each pot with homemade spices and easy instructions for serving at home. The Bay Buckets are assembled with one of our signature combinations or one that’s all your own in our convenient one-time use pots that make for simple, yet delicious meals on relaxed nights in: no toil, just boil!